Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Before you think that you would be doomed when playing against the computer, check out some of the clever strategies outlined below which would give you a clear edge to win.

How Is The Game Played?

You ante and then the dealer and you get five cards each; as soon as you have seen your cards and the first card of the dealer you have to assess your position and either call bet which will increase your stake by double the amount of the ante or call surrender in which case the dealer wins and gets your ante.

Now, if you have not called surrender and instead made a call bet then the dealer would show you his cards. If that hand does not have any Aces, Kings or a better hand and you get the amount of your bet returned plus the amount called as ante. In case there is an Ace or King then you can win if you have a better hand as per the ranking of poker hands and then you get even money on your ante.

Though the payment differs from online casino to online casino, normally you would get even payout for a high card or a pair; two to one for two pairs, three to one for three of a kind, four to one for a straight, five to one for a flush, seven to one for a full house, twenty to one for a four of a kind, fifty to one for a straight flush and 100 to one for a royal flush.

On the other hand if your hand is worse than that of the dealers (when he has an Ace or King) you loose and you will have to pay the amount that equals you ante and the call bet.

The Winning Strategy

There are two important techniques that would give a winning edge over the dealer. The first is that you need to raise only when you have a pair or higher in your hands. And the second is ? choose to fold with less than the dealer when he has a qualifying hand unless the card that dealer shows you is any card from two to Queen matching one of yours or when the dealer has and Ace and a King you have a Queen and Jack in your hand.

It takes a little time and practice to judge and make the right calls with the Caribbean Stud Poker. One you master the tactic, you will find that game is a very entertaining and fun to play. Have patience initially to understand and get into the rhythm of the casino game and do not pay much attention on loosing or winning. Once you gain a little experience, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with this game.