Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Learn about the Wheel of Fortune game. The casino game “Wheel of Fortune” otherwise known as Big Six, Money Wheel and Big Six Wheel, is played on a large vertical wheel divided into segments.

There are usually 54 segments on the wheel. Each segment contains a symbol, number or letter of some kind.

There are generally 7 different symbols. Some appear in only one segment, others in more (up to 24).

The payouts on each symbol depend upon how many times it appears. The symbols that appear least pay most money.

A typical pay table would have a range of payouts from 40:1 for symbols that only appear once, down to even money for those appearing 24 times.

The player simply bets on which symbol he thinks the indicator will stop on. He can make several different bets of varying amounts on the same spin of the wheel.

Here is an analysis of the house edge on each of the betting options on a typical wheel:

Symbol No. segments Payout House Edge
$1 24 1:1 11.11%
$2 15 2:1 16.67%
$5 7 5:1 22.22%
$10 4 10:1 18.52%
$20 2 20:1 22.22%
Joker 1 40:1 24.07%
Money bag 1 40:1 24.07%

You can see that the house edge on any of these options means it’s not a great bet compared to some other games in the casino, but we love it anyway!