Blackjack Variations

Different kinds of Blackjack games

Blackjack has a French heritage: its precursor was a game called “ving-et-un” (French for “21”), which was popular in French casinos in the 1700s. It was then brought to America by French colonists, where it quickly spread and gained enormous popularity.

Developments in the areas of transport and technology contributed to the worldwide popularity of Blackjack. Since the first online casino was established in 1996, Blackjack has been one of online gamblers’ favourite games.

Players of Blackjack are quite lucky compared to those in many other countries, including the USA. Britain is very open to online gambling. Instead of searching for a brick-and-mortar casino and spending time and money to simply go to play the game, Blackjack can now be accessed through a large number of UK-based online casinos.

Black Jack games

To name one example, casinos , which is powered by Cantor Gaming, is one of the most popular online casinos in the UK. It was recently ranked #1for “best payouts” by both Yahoo and Google, and offers generous promotions (such as a £50 welcome bonus, 15% weekly rebate and generous weekly promotions). The casino also has an efficient London-based customer service team, which is easily accessible through live chat, e-mail and phone.

There are numerous versions of Blackjack. Subtle rule variations greatly affect players’ chances of winning. Online Casino Blackjack offers some of most favourable rules anywhere, both online and offline.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

The Multi-Hand Blackjack at casinos play with only four decks of cards, which significantly increases players’ chances of winning, as well as a Surrender option, which gives the opportunity to ‘surrender’ bad hands and thereby minimize their losses.

Single Deck Blackjack

The Single Deck Blackjack available at Red Lounge Casino is one the most sought-after variations of Blackjack. By dealing from a single deck of 52 cards, the player’s chances of winning are significantly increased. Red Lounge VIP Single Deck Blackjack is a favourite of sophisticated Blackjack players around the world. The rules are similar to Blackjack except that a single deck is used, the player may split a hand once (for a total of 2 hands) and the dealer hits on soft 17.

Double Exposure 21

At casinos, customers may also play a rarely offered version, Double Exposure 21, which offers players the incredible opportunity to see both of the dealer’s cards before playing their hand. Double Exposure 21 has an amazing 99.74% payout. Fantastic Fun 21 (also known as Super Fun 21) is another popular and fun Blackjack variation that features many liberal rules.

Asian Blackjack

While the other versions of Blackjack are more or less traditional and widely sought-after, the casino also caters for the seekers of unconventional Blackjack. Asian Blackjack is available only at a few casinos and has been designed especially for the Asian clientele. Asian Blackjack features the rules that are extremely popular in many Asian casinos, particularly in the Philippines.

Ties Win Blackjack

Another unique game is the Ties Win Blackjack – a fun and simple new single-deck Blackjack game where the player wins all ties.

Spanish 21

Spanish Blackjack, also known as Spanish 12, is one the best bets at the casino. Casino’s version of Spanish Blackjack offers some of the most generous odds to players compared to Spanish Blackjack games found elsewhere.

Altogether, the variety of Blackjack games, their high player returns, and the convenience of online play make online casinos a smart choice for playing Blackjack.