Let It Ride

Learn how to play Let it Ride Poker

Want to learn a new poker game that uses the poker hand rankings, but is all new in every other respect? Its called Let it Ride poker. Let it Ride poker is a game however where you need to get the odds on your side. We will show you how below, if you can you can let it ride to a huge payout!

Games like Let it Ride are games that were invented in the 20th century and in the particular case of Let it Ride the year 1993. It has not been around for a particularly long time, but it has become very popular in the time it has been around.

Let it ride is a poker variation. The object of the game is to get a pair of 10s or better using three cards dealt to the player and two “community” cards given to the dealer. In this game everyone plays against the casino. Just like blackjack, but unlike any other form of poker, you play Let it Ride against a dealer, and not other players. Its even played on a table similar to blackjack as well. Its exciting, fast, and played correctly you can really win and you can let it ride to a huge payout to!

How you play Let it Ride

Just like poker, Let it Ride employs only one standard deck of cards. To start, each player will make three bets. There will be a house minimum in each case, and will be indicated on the table format, and your bets have to be at least those.

Clearly marked, there are betting Circles marked 1, 2, and $. After your three bets, the dealer will deal three cards to each player at the table, face down, and two more open cards (called community cards, like in Texas Hold’em, to be used by all the players), also face down.

Each player views their three cards, and if desired, may cancel his bet in Circle 1. This is done by telling the dealer to give it back. However, you can also “let it ride” and stay in in the game. Now if you let the bet ride it must remain until the end of the game. Also if a bet is taken away, it is now out of play..

At this point, the dealer will turn one of his cards over. Again, the player has the choice to take his bet back from Circle 2 or let it ride.

It must be mentioned that the bet decision in Circle 1 does not affect the action in Circle 2. As this is done, betting is over, as the Circle $ bet cannot be removed. The dealer then uncovers his second card.

The dealer cards

The two dealer cards are called community cards, just as in Texas Hold’em and Omaha, and are used to complete the hand of each player.

The object of all this is to achieve a hand with a pair of 10s or better. If you have this, you are a winner. This is an automatic win. Unlike most poker games, there is no card substitution or bluffing. Its just a game of who can make the best hand.

Is there a strategy then? Yes, and its simple and effective. Learn it before you start playing however, and you will see yourself a winner more times than not.

See the guide below but put simply, if you have been dealt three bad cards in the first instance, and have no pair of 10s, ask you bet back from Circle 1.

There is no risk, that if the two community cards gives you a pair of 10s, you will win anyway.

If you have been dealt the components of a flush or royal flush, you can your Circle 1 bet ride. Remember that as each community card is shown, you can judge your chances, and limit losses, or maximize profits. See the chart below.

What to do in Circle 1

Let it Ride if your first three cards are:

  1. A pair of tens of better
  2. Any three cards in a Royal Flush
  3. Any three cards from a Straight Flush or Inside Straight Flush
  4. Any three cards of a Double Inside Straight Flush with 2 high cards (10 or higher)
  5. A ten, Jack and Queen

What to do in Circle 2

Let it Ride if your first four cards are:

  1. Pair of tens or better
  2. Any four cards of the same suit
  3. A four card straight (open ended)
  4. Any four high cards (ten or higher)

Payouts in Let it Ride Poker

Winners are paid based on hands which have a pair of 10s or better with a pair of 10s paying even money, as follows:

  • Tens or better 1 to 1
  • Two pair: pays 2 to 1
  • Three of a kind: pays 3 to 1
  • Straight: pays 5 to 1
  • Flush: pays 8 to 1
  • Full house: pays 11 to 1
  • Four of a kind: pays 50 to 1
  • Straight flush: pays 200 to 1
  • Royal flush: pays 1,000 to 1

House advantage 3.5%

Betting advice

Some final advice on betting. You can tell if you are a winner already by the forth card, so its obvious you will let your bet ride for Circle.

You may be confused what to do if you are in a good position for a flush or straight, so we advise you to let it ride if bankroll allows, as the house odds have reduced by now.

If you are not sure, or your bankroll will not allow, take back your bet, and wait for a better hand.

Let it ride may not have the best odds of winning but for sheer excitment and chasing the big payout it takes some beating and its a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!

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