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Play Let it Ride

How to Play Let it Ride

Before you play Let It Ride game you need to know how it is played. The Let It Ride game is a little like the Poker game usually played at casinos. There would be three circles in front of you – one marked as 1, another marked as 2 and the third one marked as $.

The game starts with each player placing a bet in each of the circles; the bets placed are equal. Once this is done the shuffle machines takes over and deals three cards for each player and one extra out of which one is discarded leaving only two in the center face down. The rest of the cards are dumped in the discard tray as well.

This is when the players will look into the cards that they have been dealt and if they find these okay they would ‘let it ride’ and keep on the bet they placed in the circles. If they find that the cards are not favorable, they could take back their bet placed in circle marked 1.

As soon as all the players make their decisions, the first community card (of the two that are on the table face down) is turned face up. This acts as the fourth card for all the participating players.

As this is done the whole process is repeated; now you have the option to leave or let it ride on the second bet. You cannot do anything with the first bet though; that becomes untouchable now. As soon as the dealer has the decision of all the players, the second (and the last) card is upturned. This is the fifth card of all the players. This is when the winnings are declared and paid off.

The Winning Hands of the Let It Ride

Every Let It Ride game has a special strategy that helps you win and in order to know how to act when you get your cards, you need to know what the best hands are you could get in this online casino game.

The cards that would tell you to let it ride when you are negotiating the first bet would be a pair of tens (which would actually be a winning hand), a three card royal flush or a three card straight flush. Any other combination and you should take back your bet.

For the second bet, the winnings hands would be a pair of tens again (which is the best you can get), a four card royal flush or straight flush, four high cards and a four card open ended straight – everything else and you should not maintain the second bet.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Before you think that you would be doomed when playing against the computer, check out some of the clever strategies outlined below which would give you a clear edge to win.

How Is The Game Played?

You ante and then the dealer and you get five cards each; as soon as you have seen your cards and the first card of the dealer you have to assess your position and either call bet which will increase your stake by double the amount of the ante or call surrender in which case the dealer wins and gets your ante.

Now, if you have not called surrender and instead made a call bet then the dealer would show you his cards. If that hand does not have any Aces, Kings or a better hand and you get the amount of your bet returned plus the amount called as ante. In case there is an Ace or King then you can win if you have a better hand as per the ranking of poker hands and then you get even money on your ante.

Though the payment differs from online casino to online casino, normally you would get even payout for a high card or a pair; two to one for two pairs, three to one for three of a kind, four to one for a straight, five to one for a flush, seven to one for a full house, twenty to one for a four of a kind, fifty to one for a straight flush and 100 to one for a royal flush.

On the other hand if your hand is worse than that of the dealers (when he has an Ace or King) you loose and you will have to pay the amount that equals you ante and the call bet.

The Winning Strategy

There are two important techniques that would give a winning edge over the dealer. The first is that you need to raise only when you have a pair or higher in your hands. And the second is ? choose to fold with less than the dealer when he has a qualifying hand unless the card that dealer shows you is any card from two to Queen matching one of yours or when the dealer has and Ace and a King you have a Queen and Jack in your hand.

It takes a little time and practice to judge and make the right calls with the Caribbean Stud Poker. One you master the tactic, you will find that game is a very entertaining and fun to play. Have patience initially to understand and get into the rhythm of the casino game and do not pay much attention on loosing or winning. Once you gain a little experience, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with this game.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive Slot Machines

For those that love playing slots, progressive slot machines will certainly give you more excitement than you might imagine. You can win a jackpot on any slot machine, but with progressive slot machines, the money racks up over time from different machines of the same type until someone hits the correct combination of symbols. This is the luckiest person of all, as they will win the huge progressive jackpot.

Use Bonus Codes to Win More at Casinos

One of the greatest ways to learn about the different progressive slot machines available online is to check out the bonus codes offered by the various casinos.

This bonus code will give you the opportunity to try out all the games at the casino including the progressive slot machines. At Titan casino you will find a wide array of progressive slots including Beach Life, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Incredible Hulk, Jackpot Darts, Fantastic Four, DareDevil, Blade, Wild Viking, and X-Men to name a few. Each one has a different progressive payout that is going up all the time. As an example of this Fantastic Four is at €178,070, Beach Life is at €458,088, which is the biggest casino jackpot and Monty Python’s Spamalot is at €406,719 at this time, but going up quickly as you read this sentence.

Just imagine how much fun it will be to spin to win some of the largest payout progressive slot machines online. Your heart will pound, your blood pressure will rise, and your palms will start sweating as soon as you click the button to spin the reel. With every spin, you will feel the excitement grow and every time you win a few dollars you get just more and more excited, just waiting to hit that huge progressive win.

Play at an Online Casino from Home

The best part of all about progressive slot machines online is that you can play any time you want in your own home. You do not even have to get dressed to head out the door. All you have to do is log on the casino on your laptop or computer and click the progressive slot machine and you are ready to win. Get out those lucky charms and start spinning. You will have so much fun with the life like action, amazing graphics, and great sounds of the slot machines that you may forget you are at home and envision you are at an online casino.

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

Wheel of Fortune as Slots

How to Win the Wheel of Fortune Game on Slots

One of the most popular and well known attractions on the net today is the exciting Wheel of Fortune game on slots.  Online casinos are constantly competing to offer amateur and professional players a wide range of wheel of fortune games on slots. Often, these fun and exciting slot machines are free and offer their users the chance to win some real cash without depositing a single cent.

A few years ago free play casinos would give away cash prizes as high as $20 but this was as high as it went. A large number of players and a slew of online casinos have raised the amount of free cash giveaways greatly along with “Free Time” promotions.

These wheels of fortune game on slots will now allow you to win real cash, in certain cases, as much as up to $400. However,  the next stage in the game is only available for a limited time, after the promo runs out, to continue playing, you must make a deposit. The best thing about these offers is that you can try this wheel of fortune game on slots without risking anything!

The following is a collection of simple tips to help you improve your odds of winning. But unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to beat the slot.

Stay Clear of Wheel of Fortune Machine Guides

As the heading suggests, please stay clear of slot machine guides for sale, which claim to offer consistent winning strategies on slots. Slot gurus all over the world will agree that there is no consistent way to beat the wheel of fortune game on slots because they use random number generators, as a result there is no way to predict what the next spin outcome will be.

Stick to your Spending Target

This advice sticks for all land based as well as online casinos. Before you deposit even one coin into the wheel of fortune game on slots, decide the total amount you are willing to lose in the day, this way if you should reach that point, you know its time to quit.

Knowledge is Power

As the old saying goes… spend your precious time learning every detail of the wheel of fortune game on slots before playing. Learn how it works, what winning combos are and gather any helpful tips possible before playing.

Gaming for Fun

Gambling is supposed to be fun. As long as you have fun playing the slots, winning or losing won’t matter. So, good luck on those slots!

Casino Money Tree

Money Grows on Casino Trees

They say “money does not grow on trees”, but with online casinos all determined to upload the cash history of the casino lovers, the thought is going for a total makeover.

Casinos are Money Plants

With astonishing amount of casino bonuses, casinos online is surely the money plant at it’s best. Slot is one of those games of online casinos which give out pouting casino bonuses like Thisisvegas casino.

There is a fixed reason behind the restrains of this portal of online casinos in making any transactions with the casinos online players from Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and Poland.

Play with Casino Bonuses to Win Big

It is because a high rate casino bonuses abuses were coming from these countries. Thisisvegas casino is one of those online casinos which have unbelievable bonus patterns in their second type of casino bonuses which is twelve hundred percent with the maximum ceiling of three hundred dollars or euros or pounds.

This second bonus requires a minimum wagering of forty bucks including the bonuses and the deposits. Much excitement is waiting in this third bonus provided by this site of casinos online.

It is the high roller bonus of four hundred percent at the maximum casino bonuses of twenty four hundred dollars or euros or pounds. The deposits required to get the maximum online casinos bonus is six hundred dollars or euros or pounds with the minimum wagering necessity of forty bucks including previous wagering.

Coming to one more wonders in the sector of casinos online, that is da Vinci’s gold casino. In this site of casinos online the first maximum amount of bonuses is twenty two dollars or euros or pounds with the minimum wagering requirement of ninety bucks including the bonus.

In this second type of online casinos bonus from this site is eleven hundred percent with the maximum casino bonuses of five fifty dollars or euros or pounds. Here the casinos online players need to make the deposits of fifty dollars or euros or pounds to get the maximum bonus.

So with exotic empowerment by rival software, Thisisvegas casino and da Vinci’s gold casino we can really dream of going under the shelter of ever growing cash plant.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

All the games we have looked so far involved betting against other players. But this game is different; here everyone plays against the casino or room which acts as a bank (dealer), paying out all winning bets. To win you have to beat the dealer’s hand, other player’s hands don’t make a difference.

Blind Bet

First each player makes an ante (initial blind bet) and is dealt 5 cards face down. The dealer receives 4 cards face down and 1 card face up. Now each player decides whether to fold or play by looking at their cards, if they fold then their ante is lost but if they continue, they have to double their ante-bet.

Now the dealer reveals his hand, but he must have an A-k or higher in order to play his hand, if not the player is paid even money on the ante and also the additional bet is not lost (See the table for odds). If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, the ante is paid at evens. However, if the dealer’s hand beats the player’s hand then both bets are lost.

Additional Bet Payout odds:

  • One pair or High card —> 1/1 (Even) Two pair —> 2/1
  • Three of a kind —> 3/1 Straight —> 4/1
  • Flush —> 5/1
  • Full House —> 7/1
  • Four of a kind —> 20/1
  • Straight flush —> 50/1
  • Royal flush —> 100/1

If the dealer and player play the same poker hand, then remaining cards are taken in to consideration. If all five cards are equal, the hand is void. Neither the ante nor the additional bet is lost. The ranking of suits makes no difference to the hand.

Carribean Stud Poker Odds

In the game of carribean stud poker the odds are poor; a normal game of poker with seven players will have odds of at least 6/1 which is a great deal better when compared to the minimum odds in this game which is 1/1. Also the odds paid for additional bet are poor. Again there is no skill required and you rely too much on luck. Finally remember you have much better odds of winning money when you are playing for the pot.