Let it Ride Poker – Casino Game

Let It Ride is a curious card game in that if you don’t like the look of your cards you get to pull some of your wager back. Together with its relaxed pace the game is a favorite with old and newbie gamblers alike.

Each round in Let It Ride starts with players placing three bets of equal size. Players are then dealt three cards each and an additional two community cards that are dealt face down.

Having checked their cards players are now given the option of either withdrawing one of their initial bets or “letting it ride”. The dealer then turns over one of the two community cards and again players can choose to withdraw one the initial bets or let it ride.

The choice to withdraw a bet at this stage is independent of what the player did in the previous round. The dealer then reveals the last community card and each player’s hand is compared to a pay-out table.

Pay-out tables vary from region to region but most US casino follow the same basic table. However, be warned many tables have a maximum pay-out. You should always check this and not place bets that total more than the maximum pay-out divided by about 3000. Betting above this limit will not pay out the maximum if you hit a royal flush and that means you are effectively increasing the house odds.

A basic Let it Ride Poker strategy

The following is a basic strategy guide to Let It Ride based on the standard pay-out table found in most US casinos.

After receiving your initial three cards you should only let it ride if you have:

  • Any paying hand (tens or better, three of a kind).
  • Any three cards required to make up a royal flush.
  • Three straight cards of the same suit with the exception of 2-3-4 and ace-2-3.
  • Three cards of a straight flush, including a ten or higher, and spread out over a group of four consecutive numbers. For instance 7-8-10, or 9-J-Q.
  • Three of a straight flush, including at least two high cards, and spread out over a group of five consecutive numbers. For instance, 8-9-J-Q, or 9-10-Q-K.

After the first of the community cards is turned you should only “let it ride” if you have:

  • Any hand that is on the pay-out table (pair of tens or better, two pair, three of a kind).
  • Any four cards towards a royal flush.Any four cards towards a straight flush.
  • Any four cards towards a flush.
  • Any four consecutive cards of straight and at least one high card.
  • Any four consecutive cards of a straight with no high cards. Four out of the five cards required for a straight when all four are high cards.

Some casinos also offer a side a bet of $1 that gives you an additional pay-out for some bets. This bet usually offers some of the worst odds out there and should not be taken.