Roulette Tips Guide

Minimizing Your Losses Playing Roulette Online

If you love Wheel of Fortune, chances are you’re also a Roulette player. This article gives some great tips on how to make your Roulette money go further.

When you gamble at an internet casino, losses are a fact of life. Even though you may win sometimes, and you may even have big wins, you’ll also lose a lot of the time. Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners. Online casino gambling is no different. You have a chance to win, but the odds are stacked against you. When you play online roulette, there are ways to minimize your losses, however.

How to Keep Losses Down in Online Roulette

Avoid Negative Progression Systems

Betting systems cannot affect how much you win or lose at roulette, it can only affect the way in which you win or lose. That is, if you normally have a pattern of medium wins and slightly above medium losses, a betting system can make it so that you have occasional big wins and many small losses, or occasional big losses and many small wins.

A negative progression system like the Martingale system creates the big loss/small win dynamic. In this system, whenever you lose, you double your bet. The theory is that you have to win eventually, and when you do, you will come out slightly ahead no matter how much you have lost. The problem is that you may end up losing your entire bankroll or running up against the table maximum before you win, in which case you’ll be stuck with a big loss.

How to Keep Your Losses Down in Online Roulette

Play European Wheels

A European wheel is one that has only one zero, rather than the zero and double zero of American wheels. Since the entire House edge in roulette online comes from the zeroes, it should be obvious that the odds against you on American wheels are about twice as bad. Since you’re playing online, you can play whatever type of wheel you want, so there’s no excuse for not playing the single zero.

How to Keep Your Losses Down in Online Roulette

Know When to Quit

This is a tough one to stick to, but create an amount you are willing to risk in each session and stick to it. You may feel like the tide is about to turn but there is no way to know when it will. Take a break and come back later. The online roulette wheel will still be there at the casino site and isn’t going anywhere.