Poker Variations

Poker rooms in casinos and online poker rooms are a great place to play. But there are other types of poker played in casinos. In online casinos, such as playtech com casinos, there are a few other versions to consider.

In traditional table poker, the player is taking on other players and the house gets a ?rake? or percentage. However, in casino poker, there is a house edge.

Different kinds of poker in casinos

Here are some of the playtech com casino poker games and how they work. Keep in mind these are not really poker games in the traditional sense but casino games.

1) Caribbean: Each player takes on the bank. You ante and get five cards. After you have seen your hand and the banks first card, you can stay in by increasing your stake to twice the original ante, or surrender or fold, giving up your ante.

You have two ways to get money back. If the bank does not have AK or better, your bet is returned. If the banks does have AK or better you win if your hand is better than the bank’s. You get even money on your ante plus odds payoffs for the higher quality of your hand. (Such as 2-1 for two pair, 3-1 for three of a kind, etc.).

If the bank has AK or better and your hand is worse than the bank’s hand, you lose your ante and bet.

2) Casino Hold’em: Play begins with each player making an ante wager. As in real hold ’em, two cards are dealt face down to each player and dealer. The player may examine his own cards. The dealer deal a flop (community cards).

A player must decide to either fold or call. If he calls, he must double the ante. The dealer will then deal two more community cards. The dealer will also turn over his own two cards. Essentially, best hand wins, but the dealer must have at least a pair of fours, otherwise the call bet is a push.

3) Let ’em ride: The player is dealt three cards, the dealer two. The player is trying to get to get any winning poker hand consisting of a pair of 10’s or higher, using all five cards. As in the other games, a player must ante, then decide whether not to continue after getting the three cards.

A player can double the original bet or continue without a raise. After that decision, the dealer’s first card is shown, and again the player can raise or continue. A raise has to double the original bet. The player’s three cards combine with the dealer’s two and any hand of tens or higher, the player wins.

4) Pai Gow: Traditional rules, with two hands, a five-card hand and a two card hand.

5) Poker three: This is just a variation on three card poker.

6) Red dog: A variation on the game acey/deucy where suit does not come into play.

7) Tequila: An interesting twist where the player can bet either on a poker hand or a point total. Four cards, a round of betting, then two more cards.

All of these Playtech com games are unique and fun. But keep in mind the important difference from traditional poker: you are playing the house, not other players.