Sic Bo Players Language

Sic Bo Glossary

Sic Bo is a fun and interesting game, played with three standard dice. However, like any casino game, there are a whole host of specific words and terminology that are used by players in the casino. Read on to discover what these terms mean. You never know; it might also improve your game as well as your knowledge.

Any Double – this bet pays 8-1 and stipulates that two of the dice faces will show any matching number.

Any Pair – another way of saying “any double”.

Any Triple – a bet that all three dice faces will show any matching number, with a 24-1 payout.

Betting Limits – these are set at minimum and maximum amounts that can be bet.

Big Bet – an expectation that the dice totals will be between 11 and 17.

Cage – the dice are tumbled in the cage before being rolled.

Combination bet – an expectation that two dice will show two numbers which the player specifies.

Dice – three standard dice are used for this game.

Dice Face – betting on a specific number to show on any number of dice. Even money is paid if the number shows on one dice, 2-1 on two dice and 3-1 is paid on three dice.

Double – this bet pays 5-1 and states which number will show on two of the dice.

Even bet – requires the dice totals to add up to an even number to win.

Layout – as with many casino games, the layout of the table shows the bets and the payouts.

Lose On Any Triple – if a triple is rolled then all small and big bets will lose.

Lucky Dice – a common slang name for sic bo.

Odd bet – requires the dice totals to add up to an odd number to win.

Sic Bo – the Chinese dice game which translates as “dice pair” even though three dice are used.

Small Bet – an expectation that the dice totals will be between 4 and 10.

Spin – the spin is when the cage is set in motion so that the dice can be rolled.

Three Dice Total – the specific total of all three dice is predicted.

Three Single Number Combination – a three number combination is stated and needs to be rolled exactly for the player to win.

Totals -the totals of all three dice faces are gambled upon with this bet.

Triple – to get a 150-1 payout, all dice faces needed to show the named number.

Two Faces -a combination bet that requires the player to suggest two of the numbers that will be rolled, with the payout ranging from 6-1 to 60-1.