Let It Ride Poker Strategy

The best Let it Ride Strategy

Are you wondering how to play Let It Ride poker? Does it feel overwhelming? Then this poker article is for you! Read this beginner’s guide to get started!

The Origins of the Game

Let It Ride Poker has originated from the Five-Card Stud Poker Game. This game gave gamers the choice of controlling two out of three bets. The players even have the option of pulling out their bets or “let it ride”.

Let It Ride Poker is often compared to other online casino games as Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. All of these are mostly new derivations of the original characteristic game of Poker. The difference between let it ride and the others is that let it ride is a single-player game. This implies that the player is playing against the machine and not the other players.

Method of Playing Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a casino game that was created in 1993. A company called Shuffle Master Inc, which makes the automatic-shuffling machines, fashioned it. The game became a rage and it continues to maintain its popular status. A major reason for its popularity is that it provides immense scope for winning high stakes. The game is an offshoot of poker.

The aim is to gather a pair of 10s or more by using three cards given to the player and two “community” cards of the dealer. In addition, the nature of the game is such that the players are not competing against each other. All the players play against the house or the casino. This creates an atmosphere of friendship and fun. The rules are simple and the game can be learned quickly.

The basic steps to master Let It Ride Poker are outlined:

  1. Study how the poker hands are ranked.
  2. Discover a Let It Ride table.
  3. Purchase the chips or the tokens.
  4. Set three equal wagers in the betting area.
  5. Carefully scrutinize the cards that the dealer gives you.
  6. You must now very carefully determine whether you want to take down your first bet or you want to let it ride.
  7. If you choose to take the bet, take it down by signaling to the dealer.
  8. If you choose to let it ride, then you must let it ride by brandishing your hand over the bet.
  9. The dealer will then show one community card. Study the card.
  10. Now repeat the earlier step. You must choose whether to take the second bet or to let it ride simply.
  11. The dealer will again show a community card. Confirm whether you have a winning hand.