DGS Caribbean Stud Poker

Here’s our review of the Caribbean Stud Poker at casinos using  Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software

  • DGS call their game ‘Stud Poker’ on the game menus, but it is Caribbean Stud.
  • There are two versions of the game, one with a Progressive Jackpot and one with fixed jackpot.
  • For those with the Progressive, it’s a particularly good one, which reaches the point of having no house edge at $136,558.93. This is the best we’ve seen online.
  • The fixed jackpot side bet gives you 10k x your stake.
  • The default pay table is the standard Caribbean Stud, with a house edge of 5.22%.  However, DGS casinos are allowed to vary their pay tables so some, including The Greek as shown below,  have the default payouts but some have a better version.  You’d need to check which one your preferred casino is using.
  • Format: non-download Flash.
  • Most DGS casinos are open to US players.
DGS Caribbean Stud Pay Table
HandDefaultThe GreekFixed Jackpot Side betProgressive jackpot side bet
Royal flush10020010,000Jackpot
Straight flush501001500 20% jackpot
Four of a kind2020500 500
Full house77100 100
Flush5575 75
Three of a kind33
Two pair22
High card11
House edge 5.225.1

About DGS

  • DGS casinos are generally part of a sportsbook site.
  • At the time of writing there are around 40 online game sites using DGS software.
  • The Digital Gaming Solutions head office is in Costa Rica.
  • Their online gaming products include sports betting and casino games.

Recommended DGS casinos

You can play DGS Caribbean Stud at these recommended casinos:

  • The Greek Casino  – has the fixed jackpot with improved paytable
  • Diamond Sportsbook Casino – has a choice of fixed or progressive jackpot games, both with the default paytable.