Grand Virtual Caribbean Stud Poker

Read about the multi-hand Caribbean Stud Poker  Grand Virtual Casinos

  • Grand Virtual’s  Caribbean Stud Poker is unusual in being a multi-hand game. You can play up to 3 hands at the same time.
    It uses the standard paytable as found in land casinos. This paytable gives a house edge of 5.22%.
  • The optional progressive jackpot side-bet wager is a fixed $1.00 per hand.
  • The side bet pay table is a pretty good one. For the side bet to have no house edge the meter would need to reach $218,047.37.
  • The side bet is completely independent of the main game and is based purely on the player’s hand. A Flush or better pays according to the pay table below.
Grand Virtual Caribbean Stud Pay Table
HandMain gameSide bet
Royal flush100100% Progressive Jackpot
Straight flush5010% Progressive Jackpot
Four of a kind20500
Full house7100
Three of a kind3
Two pair2
High card1
House edge5.22
  • Format: download required.
  • Grand Virtual casinos do not permit US players.

About Grand Virtual

  • The Grand Virtual software includes about 250 games.
    The games are available in a wide range of languages.
  • Grand Virtual were established in 1997. They have been owned since 2004 by GigaMedia, whose head offices are in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • GigaMedia are publicly listed on NASDAQ.
  • The Grand Virtual gaming products include casino and multi-player poker games.
  • At the time of writing there are around 20 online game sites using Grand Virtual software.